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Carriere appliance

In some situations, a smile could benefit from a pre-treatment appliance to help promote alignment in the jaws, create better facial symmetry, and more.

What is it?

Our Carriere appliance is a low-impact solution with significant benefits. It’s used to correct misalignment in the back teeth before beginning braces or Invisalign® treatments. This promotes pre-treatment movement and faster results.

What is it? What is it?

How does it work?

The Carriere appliance is gently affixed to the side of your front teeth and back molars, where it can apply a constant force that promotes movement. Patients generally wear the appliance for six months prior to their braces or clear aligners.

How does it work?

Customized care, individual results

Our Carriere appliance is usually the first phase of treatment, prior to braces or Invisalign® clear aligners. But no two smiles - or treatment plans - are the same. Learn about our customizable treatment options here.

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Customized care, individual results Customized care, individual results

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