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What is Orthologie On The Go?

In an ideal world, our doctors would love to see you for an in-person progress check on a weekly basis to ensure that your treatment is going as planned.

We understand how difficult it is to come for in- person checks on a weekly basis and value your time. Thus, we’ve set up our patients with our Orthologie On The Go program through our virtual monitoring platform called Dental Monitoring.

With Orthologie On The Go, our doctors can virtually monitor your treatment progress wherever you are whether you’re at home or traveling.

How to scan with your ScanBox Pro-ScanAssist Invisalign Aligners

During your Invisalign journey, using Orthologie On The Go for weekly scans is crucial. These scans play a pivotal role in your treatment by allowing our doctors to remotely track your progress. They enable us to assess your oral hygiene and determine if you're prepared to transition to the next aligner. It's vital to take these scans with your current aligner and refrain from advancing unless instructed by our team. Your commitment to these scans ensures that your treatment stays on course, leading to the best outcome for your smile.

How to scan with your ScanBox Pro-ScanAssist Braces

Throughout your braces journey, taking your weekly scans on Dental Monitoring is crucial for your treatment. Your scans enable our doctors to monitor your progress between appointments and ensure you stay on course. Each scan helps track oral hygiene, tooth movement, and identifies issues like broken brackets or wires. Regular scanning ensures efficient progress, getting you closer to your desired results swiftly and effectively.

Orthologie On The Go Retention Program

Now that you’ve finished your treatment, our doctors want to continue to observe your results to ensure that your teeth stay the way they were when you finished. It is important that you submit your monthly scans on Dental Monitoring along with your retainers for the next 2 years. This helps us track your retainers fit.

Orthologie On The Go Retention Program Orthologie On The Go Retention Program


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